Learning With Voice

Have you heard your kids sounding out letters when they read, or pretending ants are running up their arms? Then your kids are learning to read using the Phonics system. Phonics is how schools in the UK and other places around the world teach reading.

We are building a suite of technology tools that use voice interaction to support children’s learning through Phonics at school.

Our voice apps to help with learning Phonics

Alien Words

Alien words are words that aren’t real, it is a method used to teach children how to decode larger words, and alien words are the first stage in this, it helps the children form muscle memory when breaking words down into syllables to decode the word.

You can play the Alien Words game on your Alexa device by saying "Alexa, play alien words". You will receive five words from Commander Alexa Jones on her mission across the galaxy, your part of this mission is to tell mission control if you think each of the five words are real or alien.

Alien Words on Amazon Alexa Store

More skills coming soon...

Any more?

We are working on several more voice tools to aid with Phonics learning, though if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let us know as we would love teacher, parent, carer and most important student input to make these tools better.

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